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We are not what you would call organized people, both of us,  We love to keep things a little open in case anything else pops up and takes our interest.

So when I told Christi, my wife that I really wanted to do a big lap, I had to assure her we would settle down soon enough.

I was hoping Christi would see the beauty in the freedom and nomad lifestyle that I  was yearning for.

See I am not materialistic (most of the time). I think all of us see nice things and still want them, but once I think about it, I know deep down that I don’t need them and don’t want what comes with those things.

Only a lucky few can have both. And I know that isn’t going to be me. I have settled that it might be easier to just live simple and free and not have all the nice things in life.

I think people get caught up in things, and they forget what these things cost.

See being privileged like we are in Australia, most of my friends and family don’t even understand how well off they are, and they just waste money, constantly.

Jewellery, and clothing, fashion, cars and houses, furniture, and food, it’s all soo much more expensive than it needs to be.